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FOX News
Nov 15, 2013 12:00am PST
don't know what to talk about tonight. oh, how about this? should we nix and not fix? the president has put a hello kitty bandage on obamacare. he said insurance companies can offer health policies canceled under the law for another year. the grace period helps for mid-term elections, just a coincidence. is it legal? does it matter? am i drunk? the bottom lean, obama will keep working as hard as he can around the priorities the american people care about. >> i am just gonna keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. >> just say what greg said. the president of america's health insurance plans had a more sober view of his quickie fix saying, quote, changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. boring but true. the white house has released a new encouraging ad or a new ad encouraging -- oh that's dyslexic. a new ad encouraging younger ostriches to enroll in obamacare. >> he is loving this. >> how can you find any pleasure in t
FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 12:00am PST
zombies. >> black. >> they're black. >> i don't know if they are white. it's up there. >> you shut up, lady. >> the black zombies. >> they move slow. >> they move slow. >> all right. that was quite possibly the greatest moment in game show history, ra. i don't know. what is worse? she is assuming zombies or block or that other woman assuming zombies are slow. they are both derogatory in a way. >> i don't know if she knew this, but from the beginning of sin that you ma history zombies were based on zoo-doo -- voo-doo and witch doctors and "i walk with a zombie" and i don't think it was in her mind. maybe she saw a whole table of black people and black, black, black, and she went crazy. >> it was like she was thinking don't say anything about -- don't say anything -- are there black people around? it is like whether you riding a mountain bike and on a trail and going for a rock and you say i don't want to hit the rock, i don't want to hit the rock. >> don't say black, don't say black, don't say black. >> maybe we are not giving her enough credit. >> she was knowledgeable? >> she was kn
FOX News
Nov 19, 2013 12:00am PST
tom shillue. his latest comedy album is called, ironically, "don't force it" because he does force it. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. finally got my tattoo finished, greg. your face looks even better on my back. >> excellent. something to stare at. they threw ford overboard. toronto city council decided to strip away many of ford's power, cutting his budget 60% and leaving him with no legislative authority. but he can represent toronto at official functions so that's fun. on monday he spoke directly to his foes. >> this, folks, reminds me of when, and i was watching with my brear, when -- with my brother, when saddam attacked kuwait and president bush said i warn you, i rn what you, i warn you, do not. well, folks, if you think american-style politics is nazi, you guys have just attacked kuwait. >> he is amazing. at some point during the meeting the crowd in the gallery was yelling shame, shame, shame. i don't know why. ford seemingly charged toward a spectator and ran over a city councilor in the process. >> so we have some angry exchanges going on. the mayor just atta
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 12:00am PST
his shoulders he must have weighed 1300. >> i don't believe him. >> marion berry didn't have to quit. it helped his career. >> it helped his career, but i don't see it for this guy from toronto, i don't think it is the same situation. he is definitely still on crack. >> you never, ever get off crack. diane you were able to kick an addiction to heroin and i congratulate you for that. do you have advice for this mayor battling his demons? >> i like the fact that he shared the fact that admitting his mistake is the right thing to do. it is great to pride yourself on all of the good things have you done like admitting your mistake after the videotape was released and then finally you find out the tape exists so you have to admit to it. well done. >> wonder if he joined na? is crack a narcotic? >> i know alcohol is different, but not crack. >> crack is a weird thing. i didn't even know anybody was still doing crack. it is so 90s. >> well it is canada. >> canada is two seconds behind. >> they are just getting it now. >> by the way they love "friends." huge fans of "friends." >> they are ro
FOX News
Nov 8, 2013 12:00am PST
suddenly appear every time you are near, greg? >> i don't know. the question worth pondering. the man called ford is out of his gord. a day after rob ford admitted to smoking crack, who hasn't? new video sur -- surfaced to prove that without a doubt this man is the most interest ing canadian that ever lived. this latest offering features the fired up freak talking about how he would violently kill on named dude. kill an unnamed dude. >> on a side note i will -- [bleep]. >> he is actually referring to allen thicke. he was not a fan of allen thicke's show or music. >> it was the undated tirade. >> i saw a video. it was extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. i don't have a problem with that, but it is extremely embarrassing. >> when you are in that state -- hope none of you ever or will ever be in that state. i was extremely, extremely inebriated. >> he is adore afnlt to be fair and balanced here 1* photographic evidence of the mayor showing a softer, more intro spec tiff side. ♪ >> he is going to eat that microphone. the man knows how to have fun. anthony, you act
Nov 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
newsroom with don lemon. >>> welcome back to our live coverage. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. you're not going to believe this story. we're going to begin with a story that every veteran, even veteran police officers are calling shocking. a couple in union county, north carolina in jail this hour after a deputy found a child head cuffed to a porch with a dead chicken hanging around his neck. you have some additional information about this and about the mother, but i can't believe this story. >> there are many shockers in this story, but one of those shockers, don, is that this mother works for social services. so above everything, she works for social services, and even though she was not there at the time that the deputies arrived, she is accused of being complicit in the mistreatment of those children. take a look at your screen. here are their mug shots. doren lee harper and wanda sue larson, both 57 years of age, now facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. wanda sue larson is also charged with willful fa
Nov 16, 2013 3:00pm PST
proathletes, the locker room culture, the use of the "n" word. you don't want to miss that tomorrow at 5:00 eastern on cnn. >>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us, top of the hour. i'm don lemon. a deputy sheriff walks up to a house, sees a child handcuffed to the porch by the ankles and there's a dead chicken around his neck. it happened. two adults, a man and woman are in custody at this hour and what the woman does for a living will surprise you. we are joined with the details on this. we have new video of the scene. what can you tell us about this? >> we have new video of the house, the outside of the house, of live animals, a chained animal and a dead chicken. we don't know if this is the one that was allegedly around this boy's neck. we have that video, folks. here is what we know. they are facing intentional child abuse, inflicting serious injury, false imprisonment and cruelty to animal charges. larson is charged with willful failure to discharge her duty as a public official. listen to this. she is currently employed as a supervisor of the union county department of
FOX News
Nov 13, 2013 8:00pm PST
will have a special report. >> something about if you smoke or something like that. i really don't smoke. [inaudible] >> okay. okay. >> one day after our report on obamacare navigators advising clients to lie and cheat, four people have been disciplined. we have an update also ahead on the factor miley cyrus apparently smopg pot in public. the chinese after jimmy kimmel and dennis miller on violence off the field in the nfl. >>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. will obama care be the end of modern liberalism? is that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. more bad news for president obama today. new quinnipiac poll shows american voters disapproving of his job performance by a 54 to 39% margin. the 39% is the president's lowest approval rating since he took office. white american voters disapprove of mr. obama by a whopping 62 to 32. hispanics disapprove 47 to 41. black american voters approve of the president's job performance 75% to 15. among young voters ages
FOX News
Nov 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
we said. he wasn't a liar back then, i don't think. he may have been told that. maybe he honestly was told by his people's handlers you're not going to be thrown off. >> disagree. >> maybe he was. give him the benefit of the doubt. up until he realized what's going on, he may not have lied. he looked to this group and said, i said you can keep it if things don't change and if. last night the president is a liar last night. >> i disagree. he's not lying. he's footnoting. footnoting is common. he does this with michelle. michelle, i quit smoking. cigarettes. i do it all the time. obama loves to campaign. he's not big on leading. what happens when you campaign a lot is, your words are weightless. in a way he's like a talk show host who can keep talking and talking and talking and realize that there is never any action committed to what we are doing as the talk show host. however, he is president. he is not a talk show host. therefore, his words have consequence. they have action. he doesn't realize that. he thinks in a way what he is doing right now is beneath him. there is another j
FOX News
Nov 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
the policies themselves don't comply with the new mandates from the feds. so they have to cancel. president obama knew that would happen and he actually wants it to happen. because it forces americans into the obamacare exchanges to get new policies, many of which are more expensive. remember, remember. the goal of president obama and the democratic party is for the government to control the entire healthcare industry. that's called the single pair system. if -- single payer system. if private insurance companies get out of the healthcare business the feds take on more power and will eventually run the entire show setting premium rates and dictating prices for medical services. but the president will never tell us any of that. now, the latest poll on obamacare from george washington university says 53% of americans now oppose it 43% approve. so most americans are finally wising up to the quasisocialistic agenda of the democratic party. now, my analysis is not ideological. in fact, as you may know, i think some right wing idealogues are actually helping president obama by attacking him perso
FOX News
Nov 14, 2013 12:00am PST
's thighs and their tendency to touch the material. >> frankly some women's bodies just actually don't work for us. it is the rubbing of the thighs and how much pressure is there. >> finally somebody says what everybody has been thinking. the commentary sparked on-line outrage and he was criticized for fat shaming. so on friday he did what every guy has to do, posts this video. >> i would like to talk about the last few days of media that occurred around the bloomburg interview. i am sad. i am really sad for the repercussions of my actions. i am sad for the people of lululemon i care so much about that have had to face the brunt of my actions. i take responsibility for all that has occurred and the impact it has had on you. >> i am so embarrassed for all of us. he also promised to make yoga wear for larger mammals. >> ♪ >> 6. 7. 8. >> i look at that tape and every time i look at it i go, okay, how much horrible, awful training went into that to get that poor mammal to do that. the prodding and the poking -- >> it is a bunch of fish. >> that's closer to you -- >> they rewarded him with fis
Nov 21, 2013 2:05am PST
, i think? >> no. >> they both have kind of wide faces. don't you think? >> i think of jay's as long, but if you want to say it's wide, okay. shall we look? >> well, i don't know. there's a new study out that says women are more attracted to wide-faced men. >> not to marry, though, just to -- >> cause -- >> go to poughkeepsie, if you know what i mean. >> because they say wide-faced men seem to be powerful, wealthy, and in charge and aggressive and all those things. see, that's a wide face. >> but, you see, it's also very long. >> it's long and wide. okay. >> like his talent. >> oh, see, isn't that a wide face? and a good -- i mean a good -- i don't think wide is bad. >> well -- >> no, it's not. >> the mayor of toronto has a wide face, and i don't find him particularly attractive. >> here are a couple of examples of wide-faced men. one is simon cowell and the other is colin firth. >> see, that's not a wide face, that's long and thin. >> see, we thinned him out and made him longer. >> don't touch him. don't touch colin firth. >> you have to. let's make him long. >> no. no. we want our
Nov 19, 2013 12:35am PST
their kids said, so seprate thanksgiving? [ laughter ] i don't know if you guys went to the movies this week i hope you saw "the best man holiday." it had great big weekend. $30 million at the box office, wow. yeah, it's pretty good for a movie mo people thought was ju an ad for old navy. see the poster [ laughter ] [ applause ] people were freang out over this yesterday. during the game tween the jacksonville jaguars and the arizona cardals, jaguars defensive end jasobabin was making a tackle. and cty ripped out a good chunk of another player's ir eck it out. ♪ >> look at this, jason babin. they're playing tough. he comes out with a handful of andre ellington'hair. [ audience ohs ] >> jimmy: think i speak for everyone when i say i hope that hair came fread. [ lauger ] [ apause ] >> i don't knoif that was a football game or a "real housewives" reuon. [ laughter ] that's my weave. at's my weave! heard that hallmark will start selling a new line of christmas cards thateature the cast of "duck dynasty." which explains that one card thatays, to my cousin, will you marry me? [ laught ] [ applau
Comedy Central
Nov 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
(bleep) (bleep). [ laughter ] >> jon: all right. well -- [laughter] i don't know what he was saying but it clearly looked ike outtakes from "tommy boy." this is where it's going. [laughter] terrible camera work, by the way. has it occurred to mayor rob ford that all these videos of him smoking crack and acting crazy are an indication that even his friends are going, no one is going to believe this (bleep). [ laughter ] and he is so like -- it's clear to me now that he smokes crack to calm himself. [ laughter ] >> it be a -- i don't want to stick my (bleep). >> jon: by the way politifact rated that last statement from the mayor true. [ laughter ] the nfl is full of mysteries like why do the players keep getting concussions and what is up with all the concussions and why do they keep developing brain damage later in life? i guess some mysteries aren't meant to he be solved but last week the curtain was pulled back on the miami dolphins locker room exposing the underbelly of rookie hazing. >> suspended richieage cog neato after allegations he may have bullied jonathan martin so bad he
Comedy Central
Nov 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
. >> ordinary folks, the 99%, don't have any money anymore! the rich 1% and corporations do. developed economies work best when inequality and incomes are at a minimum. >> stephen: that is a sobering thought. metaphorically, of course. as soon as i heard it i got drunk. (laughter) the point is i'm choosing to believe that income inequality isn't as big a deal and doesn't need to change. here to tell me it is a big deal and needs to change is former labor secretary for president clinton and star of the new documentary "inequality for all" robert reich. mr. reich, thank you so much for joining us. (cheers and applause) you were on the show about three years ago sounding the alarm warning if we didn't do something it would tank economy or cause a revolution. three years later i'm richer than ever. i assume you're back here to apologize. >> no, i didn't tell you exactly when it would tank the economy and cause a revolution. i said if we continue in the same direction it's dangerous for the economy and dangerous for our democracy and i still think it is very dangerous. >> stephen: how did it cause an
FOX News
Nov 25, 2013 8:00pm PST
haittle ha than most people. >> i wouldn't say that. >> most people don't smoke crack when they party. >> jesse travels to toronto to find out what the deuce is going on up there. >> so you're fine with him smoking crack, you just don't like that he got caught? >> yeah. >> glenn beck returns to "the factor "sthoo this evening. you're about to enter the spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill owe ri. as you know, i am a simple man. last night senator kerry and president obama told the world that a compromise had been reached with iran over nuclear weapons. immediately there was controversy. we must be skeptical here. first of all, there are folks that don't care if iran gives up its nukes. on the opposite side, there are americans who will oppose anything president obama does. therefore, they will object to the deal with iran on that basis. so let's put those two groups aside for a moment. there are two key things in place. first, the agreement slows down but does not stop iran's development of nuclear weapons. that's why the israelis are so angry. they want iran's n
FOX News
Nov 21, 2013 12:00am PST
and the other one is an hpv wart. does he deserve this title? >> well, i don't -- it is a tough title. one year i was on the sexiest -- 50 sexiest and that's as far as i got. >> wow. >> and then apparently i haven't been sexy anymore which sucks. >> have you gotten sexier as you have gotten older. >> i think so. but she a singer and he has the singer factor that kicks it over the edge. >> i can use my voice to make pretty sounds. i must be good in bed. that's so not true. if you ever had sex with a bird it is disgusting. jim, have you ever met adam levine and accidentally slept with him? >> i have not. but i met a woman in a dress who resembled adam levine. and man voted most meed yolker gentleman by field and stream i understand the pressure with the awards. you feel the need to behave in a sexy way. it is body facism, that's what it is. >> couldn't agree more. >> by the way. he has always walked around without a shirt. look, i have abs. if you have abs when you are 50, then you can saunter around. you are supposed to look like that. i am obviously very angry over this. i think they made the w
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
he is a great guy. i don't think he was out of hand. >> miami dolphins hazing controversy getting worse now some players are defending this kind of stuff dennis miller and i will talk about it tonight. >> you can get off my driveway, please? can you get off my property, please? >> and if you think american politicians are bad, get a load of the mayor of toronto, canada, accused of smoking crack and generally being out of control. >> have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how obamacare is exacting american politics, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. last night in virginia terry mcauliff big fundraiser for bill clinton won won by a 5,000 votes. it wasn't supposed to be that close. it was against ken cuccinelli. according to 53% of dislike. 46% think it's fine. in new jersey the republican governor chris christie. had advice for president obama. >> don't be so cute. and when you make a mistake, ad
Nov 13, 2013 11:35pm PST
to the front. i will open them later. i got a lot of calls and texts for my birthday this morning. don't get me wrong. i appreciate it. i really do. i would look to take a moment to refresh my relatives, especially older relatives on the east coast about something called time difference you. see when it is 9:00 a.m. in new york it is 6:00 a.m. in lay lay whelay -- l.a. where i live. just imagine turning the 9 upside down. when you call from the east coast 9:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. here to tell me you hope i have a great day. ironically that call waking me up all but ensures that my day will not be great. still has a shot at being a good day. any day that starts with a phone call at 6:12 a.m., already not great. i know this time zone thing has only been around since 1900. so, but let's maybe get used to it now that it has been around for 113 years and think about it every once in a while on november 13th my birthday. by next year each of my aunts and uncles will forget. my sister's birthday is tomorrow. maybe they will take mercy on her tomorrow morning. i doubt it. but maybe. thank you very much. [
Nov 18, 2013 11:35pm PST
you tonight and you don't have to answer this now, which lady of "the view" you like the least. >> you going to answer tonight? >> i have a little time to think about it. i'll tell you tonight. >> yeah, we're going to find out who that is, tonight. i think i have it narrowed down to two names, possibly three. come up with your own names at home and when she gets here we will see who was right. it will be. that doesn't mean they don't have a sense of humor. the local cbs in chicago was covering the broadcast. see if you notice anything out of the ordinary here. >> you are taking a look at the washington, illinois, photo here. some very dramatic photos coming in from that area. >> first of all that is not from washington, illinois, but it is a storm that hit oklahoma last may. they must have grabbed it off of the internet. if you zoom in, you can see a sign warning drivers to slow down for man on sheep love making? i don't know. all i know is somewhere there is a 19-year-old kid high fiving the hell out of his college roommate right now. this is funny, too. the arizona cardinals beat the
Al Jazeera America
Nov 15, 2013 10:00pm EST
for thorough job that they've done to bring the charges that they brung against mr. wafer. i don't even know why i'm saying mr. wafer. this monster that killed my daughter. >> you took a life, and you took a beautiful life that was starting to blossom into a beautiful woman. and for that, i hope you stay in jail for the rest of your life. >> wafer's lawyer maintains he agented in self defense. bc onilery, al jazeera, new york. >>> just to note we also contacted the attorneys for theodore wafer but they did not get back to us. thank you very much for joining us tonight. ranisha mcbride's family must be relieved that mr. wafer was charged today. >> very, very pleased. these were the proper charges to be brought. we've waited two weeks as you've just stated but the prosecutor with the help of the michigan state police and the dearborn heights police department and her own investigators revealed that this was an unjustifiable homicide, that this was second degree murder. >> this is what we know about minimum about wafer so far. he has worked at the detroit airport for ten years, reportedly takes
Al Jazeera America
Nov 16, 2013 1:00am EST
supporting a republican bill allowing americans to keep their health plans even if they don't meet the affordable care act standards. the white house says the president will veto the bill >> formal charges have been vialed against theodore wafer, the michigan man who allegedly shot unarmed teenager renisha mcbride dead on his front porch. renisha mcbride crashed her car and walked to theodore wafer's house for wep. theodore wafer has been charged with murder. the details are unclear. >> devastation in the philippines - a struggle to reach survivors as thousands are homeless and desperate. international aid is pouring in as a clean-up operation tries to speed up deliveries of relief supplies. >> in china - an overhaul of the one-child rule. the ruling communist party decided couples can have a second child if the mum or dad is an only child. i'm morgan radford. those are the headlines. "consider this" is next and you can get the latest news online at see you in an hour. arms and almost two weeks later the shooter was charged. consider this, with similarities to the tr
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2013 7:30pm PST
help. and i don't mean help carrying a case of beer down into the basement so you can get drunk enough to smoke crack. i mean help help. let's just talk to toronto for a second. you can go. we want to smoke some crack. [laughter] all right. we're alone now. >> i heard that you met forth's- ford's approval ratings went up after it came out that he smoked crack. [laughter] do you know what that makes you as the city of toronto? enablers, ey. now let me ask you a question. are you waiting for this man to hit rock bottom. are you waiting for him to what text pictures of his [bleep] >> i'm going to say this, i don't know you, i don't live in your city. mayor ford's a lot of fun to ridicule. but my guess is not a lot of fun to all gize and that's where this thing's headed. now even though i will lose precious material, please go to rehab. [laughter] i lose jokes in the short term, of course. but my guess is it's a long term investment. [laughter] you'll be back. get some help. >> now here in the states we're still working out some of the fine print on our new healthcare system. right now the
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 3:00am PST
's one of the issues. charles krauthammer says you know what? don't believe everything you hear either. is this more spin from the white house. is he calling this basically a fraud, listen. >> they had announced this when they were in trouble at the near of october as we are going to have it fixed. there is a tape you showed yesterday of way it was supposed to be working. this is simply another example of administration that's not only can't shoot straight but can't talk straight. everything they tell you about obamacare, everyone knows is a fudge or a hedge or a guess or a prayer or an outright deception. this is another one of those, you know, that's multiple choice, a, b, c, d, or e. you choose which one you want but it's not the truth. >> accord to the "wall street journal" too. the accurate time sending information to the insurers. one of the reasons they are still deal with on healthcare dot gof. do you trust the web site with that sensitive information or is it vulnerable to hacking or vulnerable to something being inadvertently sent to the wrong pepper. >> if we taken this mone
Nov 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
painted this in strong terms and strong black and white, but i have to tell you. i don't see a republican agenda, except to destroy obama. the president's enemies have tried to destroy, kill, defund, block or destroy everything in his program. the president in contrast has made it his goal to fight to extend rights to minority, the uninsured and the oppressed. his opponents are trying to take away these rights. the opponents of the president prevented millions of people from having access to health care under the law. they've suppressed voting rights of minorities, specifically african-americans. they have derailed the principles of fairness. let's look at the first one of these segments. republicans in 24 states now have rejected the expansion of medicaid. as a result, there are working americans whose access to the insurance under the law has been voided. ast astonishingly it is a badge of honor for those like rand paul. here he is attacking chris christie. >> on the case of the new jersey governor, i think embracing obama care, expanding medicaid in his state is very expensive and not
FOX News
Nov 7, 2013 2:00pm PST
sfeshl protection. all things being equal, this isn't. don't blame me if i enjoy it. over the last six years our nation's comedians are unable to pop a single joke. everyone laughs that the community organizers leads to mass citizen leadership. even with the website, he can't get it up. obama has gone from cloud nine to punch line. it's encouraging. all the the senators that met yesterday with the president in a panic over being painted by the obama care terd brush, they need help out the door. wusses voted for obama care like tit titan titanic. let them sing. despite witty gags mocking obama care achievement truly the joke on s on all of us. >> that's a hang over monologue. >> at a time, i don't know. >> do you think president barack obama is crushed eric that he's lost the stars of the country music scene? >> couldn't get it -- >> couldn't get the website up. >> got you. >> so they cut away. the song was funny. it was about two minutes long. we took 35 seconds. we should have done the whole thing. they cut to the audience. you see the real true conservative republicans heart and sou
FOX Business
Nov 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
that maybe the president wore a jersey, that might help? >> i don't know. he's got hollywood on his side all the time. but it hasn't helped him much. because obama has dipped to 39% is this disaster has been rolling out and it has not been good for him and i think that it represents for voters in the united states and toronto, i think voters really do care about how the guide governance. rob ford is, you know, he's led tax cuts and whether the propelling job growth, fastest job growth areas in the whole part of canada. in the united states obama is overseeing a disastrous health care law. a candidate from the poll numbers really care about how you govern and not necessarily about your personal life. although that does play a role. neil: i'm wondering what it says with a reserve of goodwill you could have and whether you blow it or it goes away to what he can keep it and build upon it. the conventional argument is that this president is blowing away because the mayor, there might be more that he can drop or painful revelations that are still to come, but it seems that he's trying to get us ou
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
the comics? >> that is right, they don't know rob ford. >> things start relatively sedate, but when i ask why he decided to admit his crack use after months of denial, he gets so angry. >> i was just sick and tired of all the allegations, excuse my words, that is all it is, sorry, i shouldn't swear in front of the kids on tv, you know, i'm paying my taxes, i made mistake, i'm human. >> but can't you see why some would question your judgment? >> so what? just lie? >> you said you didn't do it in the first place. >> you're wrong what they said, they said, do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict? no, i don't smoke crack and i'm not a crack addict, have i? yes, i have. i don't lie, i haven't smoked crack in over a year. but did i? come on. >> but that is semantics. >> you guys are typical media, all cut from the same cloth. >> but if we hope for a moment of contrition? how do we find ourselves in the middle of a rob ford rant in the middle of the projects? interesting story, it actually started here on "ac360" friday night. we look forward to having you by toronto one day. 18 hours later i
FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
for the last six or seven years. explain why. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. applause. [ applause ] >> now, president obama is kind of getting all the late no. >> better him than me. >> well, there you are. [ laughter ] >> are you glad you aren't president now? >> yes, i am. 8 yelenty. >> and i think that's what barack obama must be saying as well. but talking points pointed out yesterday all the chaos is hurting we the people. it's hurting us. the economy stalled partially because of obamacare. and overseas villains like iran taking advantage of america's weakened status. when a president becomes unpopular, the unintended consequences of that effect everybody. now, the factor will continue to investigate the jobs story and if the numbers were cooked, criminal charges, criminal charges must be filed even by an attorney general as political as eric holder. tampering with a presidential election, perhaps the most serious political charge in the book. we need to get to the bottom of this but my question is, who is even going to
Nov 7, 2013 11:35pm PST
what, i don't have a problem with that. but it is extremely embarrassing. and i don't know what to say. i'm -- again, again, again, i apologized. when, when, when, you are in that state -- >> rob ford for prime minister! >> i hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. that's all i can say. [ indiscernible questions ] >> -- obviously it was extremely, extremely in ebriate. that's all i have to say for now. >> jimmy: he had a good excuse. he was extremely inebriated. waited for him to rip his shrt off put his hand to his ear like hulk hogan. despite all of this, forum research did a survey, wednesday, the day after the mayor admitted to smoking crack, the survey found 44% of toronto residents approve of rob ford before the police announced they had the crack video. his approval rating was 39%. so it went, it went up. [ applause ] it will keep going up, i don't know. what is going on in toronto. the mayor did not return for comment today. but his spokesperson made a statement. this one was good too. >> the mayor understands the shock at the new video. however there is a sim
Comedy Central
Nov 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
the lgbhgtvlmnop crowd, okay. if are you not a premium member of tall women carrying heavy, we don't need your kind around here. nation, you know i loves me the super bowl. it is the stanley cup of sports people actually watch. but lately there has been much controversy in the great game of football. for more this is the sport report. nation-- (cheers and applause) >> stephen: nation, i cannot begin to tell you how much of our childhood was spent on the gridiron because i have no recollection, should have worn a helmet. and my favorite nfl team is always been the washington redskins. but my team is facing some unnecessary roughness from the pc police. >> will the washington redskins be forced to change its name. at a meeting earlier this week leaders there the united indian nation asked the nfl to sanction team owner daniel snyder for continuing to use what they call a racial slur. >> for us, the r word is the "n" word. >> wrong. it's if the r word was the "n" word i wouldn't be able to say it on the air, watch this, redskin redskin redskin. see? (laughter) totally fine. now let me
Comedy Central
Nov 27, 2013 7:00pm PST
, wrong disaster. (laughter) you know what? you know what? i think cnn's the don lemon put obama's public implosion into the proper perspective. >> you won't find two politicians who've had worse weeks than president obama and toronto mayor rob ford. they've had a pretty bad week. (audience reacts) president obama saying sorry over and over for his so-called signature achievement, obamacare, rob ford admitting to be a crack smoker. (audience reacts). >> stephen: yes, obama is in the same tight spot as toronto's crack-smoking mayor. i mean, the parallels are everywhere, folks. both had press conferences-- and that's it. (laughter) but, folks, comparing the first black president to the first blackout mayor isn't unfair. it's not unfair at all because lemon made sure to ask several times whether it was unfair or not. >> is it fair, though, to compare the two crises? >> no, it's not fair to compare them at all. they're totally different. >> i'll ask you the same question. is it fair to compare the two crises? because it's about damage control not whether the two crises are equivalent. >> exac
FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 1:00am PST
figuring their tax credit. and so at least for right now, i don't -- i'm not going to be getting insurance. >> well, millions of americans are frustrated with the president and his deceit. and it's showing in the polls. opposition to obama care has just hit a record high. 57% oppose it. and gallup says more than half the country doesn't think the government should be involved in our health care in the first place. so greg, before we get into the poll numbers, most politicians use these stories like sam in iowa. i was on a farm and i met john, a small business owner. they can come back and bite politicians if they're not vetted properly. this one turns out to be a horror story much like the woman they initially put on the website who wasn't even a citizen. now two women are embarrassed. >> yeah. you know you're in trouble when your props are falling apart. i think obama is a genius because he realizes that laughter is really the best medicine. and obama care, in a way, lowers your stress by being hilariously incompetent. so in a way he's making us all feel better by being such a disaster. b
Nov 18, 2013 7:00pm PST
and are you a crack addict? >> no. have i? yes, i have. so that's -- i didn't lie. i don't smoke crack. i haven't smoked crack in over a year. >> that's semantics. >> joining us tonight, andrew sullivan. anna th anna navarro. and robin, the rob ford we saw in that interview is that the rob ford you know so well? >> you are getting a chance to see vintage rob ford. after he was elected mayor he calmed down. his temper was even keel and in contrast to his ten years as a counsellor. >> how did you find him this week? the fact he is arguing it is just semantics. no reporter asked me the right question. >> typical media, you guys with your questions there. but to your point, i always used to brag i saw guns and roses play and now i've seen rob ford live. when you see his mood swings in person it's a staggering thing. that talking point about i never lied about it, he was ready to jump on that. he had misheard my question which was doesn't smoking crack in the first place indicate a huge lack in judgment when you are the leader of a city? but he -- it's this mixture of entitlement and a sense t
Nov 3, 2013 10:00am PST
's be honest. we eavesdrop, too. everyone is listening to everyone else. he went on to add, "we don't have the same means as the united states which makes us jealous." america spends tens of billions of dollars on intelligence collection. it's hard to get data to make good comparisons but it is safe to assume that washington's intelligence budget dwarfs that of other countries just as it does with defense spending. it is particularly strange that this rift should develop between the united states and its closest allies in europe. it was predictable and in fact in a sense predicted. in 2002, the british diplomat robert cooper wrote an essay in which he argued that europe was a post-modern international system in which force was no longer a serious option. instead, economic interdependence and cooperation were the governing ideas of state craft. and certainly when one looks at the european union, it does describe its reality. the prospect of war between france and germany which had gone to war three times between 1870 and 1950 seems utterly impossible. but outside of europe, the world is not
Nov 3, 2013 2:00pm PST
for good tv last night. all right, don, good to see you, have a great week, but, first, a good evening. much more in the newsroom straight ahead with don. >> all right, have a good one. thank you. >> hello, everyone. sunday evening, 5 kr:00 here ine east. kbrizly new details are emerging right now. the shooter fired at point-blank range at tsa officer gerard gerardo hernandaz who crumpled to the floor. the suspect came back and shot him again killing him. the f.b.i. says five people were shot, including the suspected gunman who is in critical condition at a hopt right now. two other tsa officers were wounded and treated in hospitals and released. 29-year-old high school teach erp is in fair condition. he was shot in the leg. >>> gosh, stephanie. this story is just horrible. you just spok with a passenger who witnessed the shooting, what did the passenger say? >> this man came back to pick up his luggage. the ones that they had abandoned his whole family to run. this what he said he saw. >> we heard gunshots and everybody in security hit the ground. a lot were there, also. there was a p
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